Although his identity is not known to this day, Jack the Ripper is the most well-known serial killers in history. Mentioned in countless books and motion pictures and known in all parts of the world, Jack is indeed a legend.
The Ripper was active in the highly impoverished Whitechapel area in London in 1888.  He killed at least five women, all making a living as casual prostitutes.  Some claim that he may have murdered up to nine.  Aside from the fact that the police failed to discover his identity, what makes Jack very notorious was that he committed his murders in a gruesome manner in public places.  He would cut the throat of the victim and mutilate the body.  Some of the victims were strangled so that they could be silenced.  He would also remove the internal organs from the body of some victims, which made the officials think that the killer possessed surgical or anatomical knowledge. Despite the many suspicions and accusations, no one was ever arrested for these murders.  One hundred and twenty five years later, Jack’s identity is still a mystery.



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